Thursday, 1 July 2010

Just an ordinary day on the river

No news is good news.
This has been one of those days when, without any particular effort you cover plenty of miles, ease through more than the daily quota of locks and the sun shines all day long, but a cool wind means it never gets unpleasantly hot.
We set off from a little backwater by Alwalton Lock and 18 miles and eight locks later we moored up in time for afternoon tea and biscuits at another little backwater by Ashton Lock at Oundle.
On a sunny day, the Nene really is a delightful river, running clear, deep and wide through often empty scenery dotted here and there with elegant stone houses. Star thrummed along steadily, enjoying the depth of weed-free water around its prop.
We shared a few locks with a fellow Middle Leveller - 'Sorted' from March. He's heading to London then up the Thames and down the Kennet & Avon to Bath. Quite a schedule as he wants to be back at the end of August for the Peterborough Beer Festival. (And I thought that was a daily event on P'boro waterfront!).
Spotted a Stephen Goldsbrough boat 'Button End' I reported on at the Crick Show last year and, amazingly, the hyperactive single-hander we met at Leeds last year - and quickly made our excuses to leave behind. Still single-handed we noted without much surprise.
Took a short walk to nearby Ashton Mill this evening, still derelict three years after we last visited. Now that would be a project that would make the White House look easy.
No, we're not tempted.
Perhaps we could be by one of these though. The biggest is currenty for sale at £850k.

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