Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Another walk - another survey

Stourport is survey central. This evening we took the dog for a walk along the towpath and were accosted by another pleasant women carrying out another survey for BW, this time on what we thought of the condit0n of the towpath, why we were using it and how often we used it.
Interestingly, she was part of the Stourport regeneration team; BW has put money into the regeneration of the town (chiefly via its canal basin improvements) and part of the quid pro quo was to do this towpath survey.
What we also learned was that the basins have a new Heritage Room in the Windlass Restaurant building. Now we know it's there we'll take a look but, as I politely pointed out, a couple of signs advertising its presence wouldn't go amiss.
Why do we keep selling these wonderful places short? Nothing about the canals in Birmingham. Kinver hiding its light under a bushel and Stourport, a uniquely preserved nub of the canal system and barely a word anywhere to explain it. Fortunately I'd found a very good BW leaflet in the facilities block at the top of the Wolverhampton 21 some days earlier - the only source of canal leaflets and booklets I've come across in weeks.

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