Monday, 5 July 2010

Cream crackered - and an intellectual pub

Not much blogging today - I'm knackered. Seven heavy locks up the Buckby Flight, the Braunston Tunnel and six more hefty locks down into Braunston has done for me. I must be getting old!
Our reward, though, was a substantial meal in the Old Plough where I heard the most intellectual public bar conversation ever.
Two locals were discussing the merits of 'world cinema'. "Cinema Paradiso" is my all time favourite piece of world cinema" announced a scruffy, wiry old boy in shorts who I deduced by a bit of ear-wigging was a local farmer. "I enjoy Italian cinema" said his neighbour. "You could call it porn - it can be pretty explicit but Italians, you know, like that sort of stuff..."
Certainly made a change from listening to the latest theories on why England failed at the world cup and what wew should do with illegal immigrants.
I'm off to bed!

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