Friday, 9 July 2010

Heading into Birmingham

Here we are coming through the stop lock that marks the junction of the Stratford and Worcester & Birmingham canals - a set of guillotine gates looking like an ancient version of those we encounter on the River Nene. It was the point at which tolls could be gathered from boats travelling from one canal company's waterway to another.
Today it marked the start of our final five mile run into Birmingham. It started in familiar urban canal fashion, through derelict industrial suburbs and canalsides daubed in the inevitable graffiti.
Things improved though as we passed the university and the canal ran through pleasant greenery and past parkland, with the towpath alive with cyclists. I wonder how they will contribute to its upkeep under the new 'BW charity' funding regime?
On the way we found ourselves in a canal diversion as part of a massive new road construction project which will see the canal return to its original line in a new aqueduct over the road.

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