Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Just a few minor mods -- who are they kidding?

The new pump arrived today. And proved to be totally and completely wrong! The man I originally called at Sleeman & Hawken said my pump had been superceded by another which would fit "with just a few minor modifications". What arrived was a pump with a completely different part number.
I called them up and a different voice on the phone told me that - according to the computer - the second pump was also now obsolete and had been superceded by the one I got. "But the computer says it will fit with a few minor modifications."
Just who is this computer trying to kid? This pump has a completely different size shaft and no way to mount to the engine. I'd need access to a machine shop to make it fit!
RANT ALERT: That's the trouble with parts suppliers these days. All parts store men do is tap numbers in computers. In the 'good old days' a parts man was a fount of knowledge. He really knew his parts - he knew that a 51513 was completely different from a 24910 because he handled them; he looked at what was in the boxes and not just at some numbers on the screen.
So we're still searching for the elusive pump, or someone who can machine a new shaft. The batteries are steadily running down and the BW man wants us off the mooring asap.
All part of the fun of owning an old boat I guess.

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