Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Big Society - I've Joined

Today I joined David Cameron's 'Big Society'. I spent 15 minutes clearing litter from the canal bank outside the Basin here.
Yesterday a bunch of teenagers (presumably finished with school after their exams) spent the sunny afternoon and evening picnicking and chatting at the canalside. This morning when I went out to walk Brian I found they'd left behind their empties – crisp wrappers, plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and bags strewn around the grass.
"Lazy, idle, ignorant bunch," I fumed. Then I thought, rather than sit and fume, why don't I just clear it up so I went back with a plastic bag and a pair of working gloves and picked it all up.
If they come back today I wonder if they'll notice?
So it's official; I've done some volunteering and now I'm in the Big Society. Big Deal.

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