Saturday, 17 July 2010

A world class learning community but what about the rubbish?

Tipton Shopping Centre - virtually every shop boarded up. Even the charity shop has closed down. Just the butcher, chippie and 'sports bar' where various sporting types could be seen exercising their lungs with cigarette smoke in the approximate vicinity of the doorway, survive.

But in a place that badly needs a greengrocer, a little street market, a fishing tackle shop - just about any proper shop really - this was the local council's efforts. "A Professional Learning Centre" to "Develop Sandwell As A World Class Learning Community".

If it wasn't so bloody half baked and stupid it would be funny. After only a couple of days in the place it was pretty damn obvious that what Tipton needed from the council was a street sweeper to clear up the litter, someone to cut back the overgrown verges and a youth worker to help support the basically decent kids who spent their days fishing and biking up and down the canalside.

No wonder people don't bother to vote any more when instead of jobs and shops their councillors offer them a world class learning community. Well actually they did vote - with their feet. The place has closed down.

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martha, max and me said...

Maybe those youths are just skool kids who've finished their exams. Ex yr11's bumming about fir the summer!