Friday, 30 July 2010

Brian's News

I'm told we're leaving Stourport tomorrow. Well actually I wasn't told - they never tell me anything - I just guessed because we've moved down into the Basin.
A shame because I've enjoyed my few days patrolling the towpath by the lock. I've seen off some bigger dogs who strayed on my turf and I made a couple of chums too. My best pal was a little terrier called Foxy - we had a good sniffing session and run about every day. And even though he's another chap, we hit it off rather well. (I heard the humans making a few sarcastic comments about that - typical! They don't realise that you can be nothing more than friends, do they.)
I had my own fan club here too. A family on holiday with three sweet little children who rushed up and stroked me every time I was outside. And even when I was in my bed I'd hear them say "that's where Brian lives." It's a shame but we were out on a walk when they left so I never got a chance to lick them goodbye.
So another day, another town. I'd better store up some wee overnight so I can get my territory marked out as soon as we moor up.
Oh, and I hear we're going on a river too - I bet that means that ruddy life jacket thing again.

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Anonymous said...

awww, poor Brian. Hang in there, and it ought to get better.