Friday, 9 July 2010

Tottering totty

Is this where the word 'totty' came from? Tonight we're moored close to Gas Street Basin and Brindley Place, once the heart of the canal carrying network but now the heart of Birmingham's club land.All around are restaurants and bars - ritzy nightspots and cheap as chips drink-yourself-stupid-in-record-time outfits. We're moored outside the very salubrious "gentleman's club" 'Legs Eleven'. Hmmm.
Anyway we've got the best vantage spot in town, sitting on the deck drinking beer that's cheaper than any local bar and watching the young girls (and the not so young) go past in a rich variety of Friday night outfits. They totter along on precariously high heels, wearing skirts so short they shock even a child of the mini-skirted sixties era. Some look great; some, well, don't they own a mirror?
But they're all out to have fun...and we oldies are plain jealous.

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