Thursday, 8 July 2010

At least we beat the Germans at something

Kingswood Junction where the Grand Union and Stratford canals meet is a curious affair - GU arrivals come in at an angle to meet the Stratford half way up a long flight.
As we came in I saw a hire boat crew rising up through the nearest lock on the Stratford. They were Germans (though I didn't know that at the time) but I did see they were a confusion of ropes and paddles. No way I wanted to be behind them up a 19 lock flight!
I strode ahead to the next lock; it was empty and waiting, flung open the gate and in we went. We'd beaten the Germans.

After that the flight was plain sailing - the 19 narrow locks were like a rest cure after the 33 broad locks of yesterday. The canal itself is pretty shallow in places; we've been ploughing father than boating at times.
Still, we're all done locking now until Birmingham.

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Anonymous said...

"Ploughing, not boating" - ha ha, I like that!