Monday, 26 July 2010

A sad loss

We have had a sad loss in the family today. Our favourite windlass was swept overboard just north of Wolverley Bridge and drowned. As we went to lower our hinged chimney for the bridge the windlass snagged in the rope and was flicked off the boat.
I moored immediately after the bridge and hurried back to try and effect a rescue with my Seasearcher magnet but despite plunging it in repeatedly the windlass never re-surfaced and had to be presumed lost.
We miss it greatly. It was the first choice windlass at every lock; a short-throw, double-headed affair whose handle had been modified by a previous owner with a piece of tube held in place by a welded on washer at each end to create a free-spinning anti-blister grip.
I'd worked up the Hatton Flight, the Northampton Arm, the Wolverhampton 21 and the Wigan Flight with it without raising a weal.
So farewell faithful windlass. Now I'm off with the magnet to try and find another one in the nearest lock.

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