Monday, 26 July 2010

Gently does it

We've had a gentle potter down towards Stourport today - we're not rushing as we don't want to get there too soon (I have a boat test to do there for Canal Boat on Friday).
The canal down from Kinver oozes even more of the rural charms we've enjoyed so far, alternately narrowing and twisting between red sandstone bluffs, then opening into tree lined countryside. Debdale Lock appears hewn out of the rock, and the lock-keeper once had his own cave which is still there even though he is not. Along the route we stopped for tea - Vicky in Staffordshire, me in Worcestershire, either side of the county boundary marker.
Just before Wolverley we also passed the famous Rome - the narrowboat whose fitting out formed the basis for The Narrowboat Builder's Book and now moored at the bottom of author Graham Booth's canalside garden. A lovely spot but I very much doubt the royalties contributed much to the purchase price. I think a decent Iain Banks or William Boyd might have been needed.
This evening we're moored up by Wolverley, a village once dedicated to the nail-making industry according to the guide but now a bijou hamlet home to those from the money making industries. Tucked away down a sandstone flanked quiet hill west of the canal it is picture-postcard pretty but the signs of wealth - '10' and '09' registered Range Rovers and Jags (and even a Bentley) tell me it's not a place I would feel comfortable living in. Even in one of the 'luxury' apartments being advertised for sale. Why are apartments always 'luxury' and houses always 'executive'? I can't help but be irritated by such meaningless and superfluous adjectives!

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