Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Foam a friend

Oh the puns. Foam a friend, ET foam home, your foam's ringing. The blokes at Foam Wizards must be fed up with hearing them.
But for us there was certainly no place like foam. Right across the road from the Basin was this little company that cuts and supplies foam for everything from upholstery to caravans to scooter seats and boats.
We've been suffering sleepless nights on a foam mattress from Ikea that might have been cheap but certainly wasn't cheerful. The foam wizard took one look, pronounced it of a quality only suitable for packaging and steered me through the world of foam until my spongy brain could absorb no more.
I liked him. Anyone who spends as much time telling me how I can save money as spend it gets my vote for someone to do business with. In the end, under his guidance, I spent 45 minutes carefully teasing off our layer of memory foam which was perfectly re-usable and saved myself quite a few quid in the process. After cutting out my foam, he then sweated and strained for 20 minutes to get it back in its cover - at no extra charge.
Tonight I know I'm going to enjoy a great night's sleep.

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