Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A walk up the locks

We aren't going to be doing the Stourbridge Sixteen locks - and I can't say I'm sorry. The plan was to do them, then the eight Delph locks, then turn round, do them all again, the four that took us onto the Stourbridge and head back to a nearby marina to leave the boat for a few days while we headed off to watch daughter Olivia graduate (with a FIRST!).Instead, we've found the mightily convenient Stourbridge Basin and saved ourselves 52 locks!
So I took a walk up this fascinating flight instead.

Derelict glassworks by Lock 4

Red House Cone by Lock 5 - once the area was crowded with these huge glass furnaces
Dadford Shed, home of painter Phil Speight and boat builder and restorer, Ian Kemp

The view from higher up - see how the huge cone dominates the skyline


Anonymous said...

And David will have Jill Wriggle after you :)


Starman said...

And Dave Harris, esteemed boatbuilder!