Thursday, 29 October 2009

Journey Stats

Well, the return trip was 200 miles and over a month shorter thsn our rambling journey up to Liverpool.
For the record it was 301 miles, through 159 locks, under 21 moveable bridges and along five tunnels. All in two days under a month.
Which made a total for the whole trip of:
809 miles
586 locks
98 moveable bridges
22 tunnels

All in exactly 17 weeks


do said...

A great adventure and I have enjoyed the trauma, the excitement, the concerns, the fun, the history lessons and the wildlife.....shame I didn't enjoy all those pub meals. Well done and where is the next trip to?

Adam said...

So that's just under 7 miles and 5 locks a day!

Starman said...

Well, we weren't hurrying!