Sunday, 25 October 2009

We've been clubbing

No not Ibiza style - River Nene fashion. We'd leftt Irthlingborough in company with Nb Lexa who was heading for Titchmarsh lock - seven locks away - and was happy to share locking chores (though with a faster boat and two fit blokes crewing they ended up doing most of the work). He's a member of the Mid Nene Cruising Club based there and told us all about the benefits of Clubbing with the MNCC as we travelled. Cheap moorings, free slippage, social events, a bar etc etc - though you have to join in and 'do your bit' to keep the place, well, shipshape. Not bad a trade really.
We left them behind and headed on to Wadenhoe where we thought we'd celebrate nearing the end of the trip with Sunday lunch at the King's Head there. (More of that later.)
Then our mental clocks still in Summer Time rather than the newly in force British Winter Time we set off again - only to find dusk closing in as we neared Oundle. Time for a bit more clubbing: we pulled up on the empty moorings of the Oundle Cruising Club, grabbed a couple of beers in the clubhouse before it shut and put a couple of quid in the donations kitty. Perfect.

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