Wednesday, 7 October 2009

If it's Manchester, it must be raining

And it was. Yesterday it poured down and even a trip to the mega Arndale Shopping Centre was delayed until it had eased slightly.
Then in the early afternoon it stopped, the skies brightened and we decided to set off. But it was just Manchester's little joke. Hardly were we out of sight of our moorings than it p*ssed down again!
So we had a long, wet, cold and tedious run on the generally dead-straight canal through Manchester suburbs. The aim was to get to Lymm but we ended up a few miles short, mooring in country sport during a short break in the rain with views across the attractive Cheshire plains.

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Adam said...

It rained when we did that bit (in the other direction) - the only hald day of rain in our three week trip. I doubt that the Bridgewater would be any less tedious in nice weather though...