Monday, 19 October 2009

My kingdom for a horse

We've deviated off the homeward run down the Coventry Canal to look at the Ashby Canal, famous for pasing Bosworth Field where Richard III was defeated by Henry Tudor. Henry became Henry VII and the red rose of Lancashire finally defeated the white rose of Yorkshire in the wars of the roses.
It's a five minute walk to the battlefield 'Heritage Centre' where flags and banners depict the site of the battle and the various places where the armies were drawn up.
Except they werent! Lottery funding has enabled further research on the site of the actual battle and this has discovered that the battle was most probably fought a mile or so away on the other side of the canal. Hmmm...
Even so, the site is impresive, well organised and very interesting. There's a 'Bosworth Experience' which costs six quid but you can find out all you need from free leaflets and maps in the helpful shop.
The battle was the last of the great medieval displays of chivalry with knights in armour led by their king charging into battle. Indeed Richard was the last English king to die in battle.
A contemporary historian had this to say about English troops of the time:
"They were huge feeders and great carousers...they were often noisy and unruly and their quarter of the camp was a scene of loud revel and sudden brawl."
Sounds familiar? Football hooligans, Brits on holiday abroad? Nothing changes, eh?

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