Wednesday, 28 October 2009


4.30 pm and jut as dusk was falling we entered Bill Fen Marina at Ramsey to complete our four month cruise. Like all trips, you feel changed by having enjoyed them, yet quickly absorbed back into a world that should have changed too but has virtually not changed at all.
It was a short, easy and enjoyable final day. Having spent the night marooned by weed we woke to a glorious sunny day and soon poled our way out of trouble, fired up the engine and arrived at Floods Ferry where Star Daughter and Star Grand-daughter joined us for the final leg.
Floods Ferry is a friendly little marina and caravan park right in the middle of absolutely nowhere at the end of a tiny, bumpy arrow straight lane between miles of flat fields. It's run by a cheerful Dutch chap who's probably completely at home in such flatness.
The 'big sky country' is certainly at its best on a day like today - as we neared Ramsey we watched a golden sun slide lower in the sky. Half hidden behind clouds, its rays shone earthwards like something out of a medieval oil painting.
Tomorrow is the big tidy up, then a trip home to a mountain of bills no doubt and with a long list of winter jobs to do on the boat.

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