Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Ice cold in Braunston

After working our way up through the six wide locks at Braunston we decided to reward ourselves with a pint or two in the Admiral Nelson by Lock 3. Last time we were here we had an enjoyable couple of hours doing just that, entertained by a cheery 'mine host' and his esoteric music choices.
Sadly all has changed. The pub briefly closed and has now re-opened under new management. Inside it was dead and lacking all atmosphere - just a handful of locals clustered round the bar. Stardog Brian was not allowed inside "sorry, health and hygiene you know; we serve food throughout the pub". A somewhat feeeble excuse given that no-one was eating anything, anywhere.
So we had some Hook Norton bitter outside - and it was bloody freezing cold. Why, why, why do so many pubs now serve their bitter ice cold? Draught British beer is supposed to be served WARM!
After we drank it I took the glasses back and told the barmaid "this beer should be served at room temperature - it tastes like it comes from the Arctic Circle." She looked at me like I was from another planet and said "are you sure it wasn't because you were sitting outside?"
Give me strength! Give me warm beer.

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