Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dog in a Doublet

Fenland boaters (like us) will know this strangely named River Nene lock and pub, apparently, named after a dog that lost its fur and whose owner made it a 'doublet' to keep it warm.

Well we now have our own dog-in-a-doublet. Stardog Brian has been feeling the effects of the cold mornings these past few days - he's a skiiny little thing with not much of a coat after all. So Starwoman pulled out her bag of wool and crocheted him a very fetching doublet.

And no sooner had he begun wearing it than we arrived at Sandon Lock on the T&M where a sign advertised 'The Dog in a Doublet' inn. A shame it was only 10.00 am or we could have taken our D-I-A-D to the local D-I-A-D for a pint.


martha, max and me said...

ha ha brian!
well how does your 'dog in a doublet' feel about looking a little camp in his purple and green ensemble! jeff says he wants a pink and yellow one for his strolls round bury!
This really tickled me after stressful evening,,,

Starman said...

He always was a bit of a gay dog!

Nick said...

Nice outfit Brian!! Not sure about the colours....but it does look nice and warm. I hope the knitting needles are still clicking for Jeff.