Tuesday, 27 October 2009


We're stuck, marooned against a bankside on the Middle Level. A mass of clinging, thick, impenetrable submerged weed has stopped us dead in our tracks.
It's the second patch we've hit since leaving Whittlesey. The first halted us too. After half a dozen descents into the weedhatch to clear the prop, each one of which saw it foul up immediately again, we poled to the bank and I 'man hauled' for several hundred yards until we were clear of the patch.
By now it was getting dark so we switched on the headlight and carried on, aiming for Floods Ferry and an overnight stop – but we didn't make it!
There's a strong sense of deja vu about all this – on our way out of the Levels we were swamped in clinging blanket weed. Now we're trapped in what looks suspiciously like a rotted down version of the same stuff.
Hopefully tomorrow we'll finally be able to battle through it and reach the marina.

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