Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Charity shopping in Wags world

Star moored in Lymm - in the background is the house of Matthew Corbett who took over 'handling' the Sooty & Sweep tv glove puppets from his father Harry. He's a canal enthusiast - well he'd have to be, living there.

Lymm and Stockton Heath are typical of the boutique 'villages' of Cheshire - footballers' wives territory with their fashion shops, tanning parlours, flower shops, fancy restaurants....and very exclusive charity shops.
Now if you're a bloke you'll know that there's rarely anything to be found in a charity shop. we chaps keep our clothes until they're falling to bits -- and then we use them to garden or do diy in. Only dead men's shoes and shirts end up in Oxfam.
Not in Lymm; the first charity shop where I've found a Timberland shirt, any number of M&S jumpers and a whole heap of brand name shirts.
But it's the books that gave the game away. You can find decent books in the most surprising of places. The Cats Protection League shop in Maghull near Liverpool had stacks of 'em - literary classics, thrillers, modern fiction and more. In Lymm there were rows of Barbara Taylor Bradford, Helen Fielding, Zoe Heller and lots more on celebrity chef cooking. Light, frothy fiction and gourmet guidelines. Welcome to Wags' World!

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