Monday, 5 October 2009

Blue or red?

In Manchester you're either a Blue or a Red - a City fan or a United supporter. But the city has been taken over by a different team of Blues this week - the Conservatives are in town for their party conference and the place is swarming with them.
We've been playing 'spot the Tory' while walking round. It's easy - young conservatives (chubby, glasses, brisk walkers, smug smile), old conservatives (grey crinkly hair, exceptionally well turned out, club tie), fat conservatives (large, slightly glowing with the effort of walking, a bit red-veined around the nose). Every stereotype is here.
I'd almost been tempted by some Conservative talk after watching the Labour government wilt and wither. Until I saw Tory-dom en masse. There they all were, the ranks of middle and upper classes, of public schools and private medicine, the Daily Mail readers. How could I ever have dreamed of voting for them.
I'll go down with the Labour ship!

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