Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Leaves on the line

For the past couple of days Star has been suffering a mystery ailment which has driven me to distraction trying to track it down – and Starwoman to distraction dealing with my bad temper!
It starts, runs beautifully then gradually loses power with all the symptoms of a plastic bag wrapped round the propellor. Yet look in the weed hatch, as I did several times, and there's nothing.
After being reduced to a virtual standstill while trying to pass a line of moored boats the mystery was finally resolved when a fierce bout of alternately reversing and going forwards saw a cloud of leaves appear from the rear.
A passing boater who watched confirmed "it's leaves; they wrap all round the prop". And of course, when you stop to check the weedhatch, they just drop off again!
Mystery solved. Frosty in-boat atmosphere now back to normal warmth!

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