Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The story so far...

Arriving home after last summer's cruise we took one look at our newly restored cottage with its lovely garden and far reaching views...and decided we preferred the idea of living in a 6ft 10in wide steel tube with 10 inch diameter windows.
So. We sold the house (surprisingly easy considering the state of the world) and last month moved onto our boat ready to become full-time boat gypsies.
Envious? I bet. What could be more relaxing and care free than wandering the waterways.
Except we decided to make things a little tougher for ourselves. Since Star is probably a tad small for permanent living we bought ourselves another boat. Not a beautiful, smart new boat paid for out of the house sale but this...

Meet Harry, a beautiful but fire ravaged tug that's just like Star but bigger. All it needs is a complete refit inside, some new steelwork, a check on the engine, a repaint etc etc. A nice little winter project after we've brought it back to Bill Fen where it will sit alongside Star. Which brings us to the start of this year's trip.


Keith Ward said...

Hi Starman,

I bought Harry about 18 months ago through Verginia Courrer for £34000, the day after I bought her, she was burned out. I obviously snatched my money back and John Courrer was great. I have pictures taken on the evening of the if you want them plus some taken when she was in good condition

Keith Ward said...

Hi Again,

Sorry about the previous message it was carelessly writen. I bought Harry in March 2009 through Virginia Currer Marine Ltd. I paid £37k for her but she was burned out the day after the sale. John Currer was great and returned all my money. I took pictures of Harry before and on the evening of the fire after the fire brigade had left which I would be happy to send to you for your scrap book. Regards - Keith (www.tunneltug.co.uk)