Thursday, 14 June 2012

A sunny day for once

Tonight we are moored outside the Pyewipe Inn just beyond Lincoln where we have just splashed out on a pretty decent meal and are now lying around, bloated on the boat.
That topped off a day that was made a whole lot better than the last few simply by having some warm sunshine on our backs. Unfortunately it looks like things will be back to the usual wet-and-windy for the next few days which is why we decided to bash back to Lincoln and the possibility of a few non-boating options rather than find ourselves battening down the hatches in some bleak rural mooring.
It wasn't that much of a rush to get here, just a steady cruise albeit with the wind behind us but the flow against us which created quite a surprising amount of chop on the water.
We spent last night moored at Tattershall Bridge just at the edge of Coningsby RAF base and watched Eurrofighters doing their training circuits above our heads. The noise as they climbed out with afterburners going was awesome – a head-splitting roar of sound like a clap of thunder. Fantastic!
By the time we'd walked back from the handsome brick keep of Tattershall Castle just up the road – a place whose history is meshed closely with the Puritans who left England to found their colonies in the New World – the jets were parked ans the pilots in the pub. (Unlikely I think: like modern F1 drivers, I somehow imagine today's jet pilots are too professional to hit the bar like the aces of the past.)
Fortunately they don't make an early start either and we were on our way before they started roaring across the skies at 10.00 am.
Tomorrow we'll see what the weather has to chuck at us but it could be another day for leaving the boat parked and getting out our bus passes.

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