Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Journey's End

On our moorings with Boston Stump in the distance
Oh the excitement of the Fens - moored in total isolation at Woodhall Spa
Here we are tied up on the floating pontoons just before the Grand Sluice at Boston where the non-tidal Witham ends and only The Wash and the North Sea lie ahead. Two places we won't be going.
Boston Stump, the 272 feet high tower of St Botolph's Church – the largest parish churtch in England – dominates the skyline in front of us, just as it did for the final couple of miles down the river towards the town.
It was a welcome landmark. Today was a day I really wished for a couple of 200hp diesels and damn the fuel bills. They would have made short work of the endless straight, wide reaches of river that we could only chug down at a steady 5mph. And no, we wouldn't have missed the views by going faster. There weren't any. The high banks hid the countryside from view but it would have been pancake flat anyway.
Brief respite came with the pretty riverside hamlet of Tattershall where the brick tower of the castle loomed in the near distance and an elderly red-brick river bridge stood alongside its bland steel replacement.
A bit more entertainment a mile further too as we watched a couple of exotic looking Typhoon Eurofighters doing noisy circuits around RAF Coningsby airfield.

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