Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saxilby's superstore

Forget your B&Q and Homebase. If you're anywhere near the village of Saxilby, near Lincoln then Tong's DIY is definitely the place to go.
This is one of those old fashioned ironmonger/diy shops that stocks everything - and I mean everything - from bath plugs to lawnmower spares. And, as the owner was keen to point out, they're often cheaper than the diy 'sheds' too.
And if you're on a boat; it's even better because Tong's sells gas and RED DIESEL. They'll even lend you a trolley or a can so you can take the stuff back to your boat at the village moorings across the road.
It was the perfect find for us. I wanted gas and diesel but the only marina is at nearby Burton Waters and on a windy morning I didn't fancy weaving through the ranks of costly plastic boats looking for the diesel point so I had given it a miss. Then, moored in Saxilby, we spotted Tong's sign, filled up, gassed up...and waited for the village charity shop to re-open after lunch.


Anonymous said...

AND yo had someone to serve you and have a conversation with. At our B&Q you can go in, pick up what you want (if you can find it and IF they have it in stock) and pay.... all without speaking to a member of staff (and sometimes without even seeing any staff. You have to use the automatic self check out the normal tills never seemed to be staffed these days.

Eugene Lumanlan said...

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