Monday, 4 June 2012

I thought this was summer?

Leaving Nottingham
After yesterday's washout we woke this morning to warm sunshine and set off on the 24 miles to Newark on Trent in tee shirts. I was even wearing shorts. Within a couple of miles Starwoman was back in anorak and scarf. Within a couple more I was in a thick jumper and before lunch it was jumper, anorak, hat and even gloves - but still the shorts. The back cabin stove had been lit which was keeping my bottom half toasty.
Negotiating a dinghy race
The weather was certainly playing tricks: a few minutes of tempting sunshine followed by a sharp, cold wind and spells of sharp showers. The river is very exposed on this stretch, fllowing a winding course through largely flat countryside.
To be honest, it can get dull; there are very few signs of habitation (aside from Bank Holiday gongoozlers at all the locks) and not many boats on the move – though the
Tupperwares on this stretch must have been bought at very expensive parties because some were outrageously large.
Tupperware party at Gunthorpe Lock
Our only tricky moment came when I met three of them gunning it up river, leaving a succession of enormous wakes which made the river feel more like the Irish Sea on a bad day. The reason they were gunning was to get past the big, unguarded Averham weir which I had to deal with having lost most of my speed wallowing in their wakes.
It's here that the main Trent flows off to the left, while boats head on up a navigable branch to Newark. Poor old Star really struggled against the pull; we seemed to be at about 25 degrees to the stream while its little Petter thrashed away. Not a place to have an engine failure, I mused! But then we were past the worst of the weir's pull and I eased back for the final mile or two into Newark where we are now moored up just beyond the castle.
Entering Newark with the castle in the distance to the right
And of course the sun is shining brighter than it's been all day. Tomorrow we either look around the town or head on to the Fossdyke & Witham. Depends on the weather. Maybe I shouldn't wear shorts? That might guarantee a day of sunshine.


Nancy and Max said...

Dress for winter and it will definitely be sunny. Glad you are chugging along happily xx

Sarah said...

I do hope you did stop in Newark - if not you must on the way back. It's a lovely town. Don't miss Porters on the market square for bacon and fabulous sausages, the Prince Rupert, amongst many good pubs, stands out, and the Real Ale Store deserves support,