Thursday, 21 June 2012

Down the town

It briefly stopped raining this morning so we took a 30 minute stroll down the towpath to explore Rotherham town centre.
You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to see that Rotherham is not a well off place: the clues are in the shops: any number of pound-somethings, bargain brand-name clothes and food shops and a collection of pawnbroker style outlet offering to lend you money, or buy your gold - or anything.

For all that, there's a pleasant enough sort of place lurking beyond the rather bland main shopping streets. The splendid Victorian town hall has been cleverly modified to become a small shopping arcade and one of the similar vintage markets now houses a little collection of characterful 'arty' outlets.
There are some handsome old buildings and shop fronts too as well as a very big and fascinating Minster church and we found ourselves a pretty little individual coffee shop for a drink and home-made cake.
All in all, a good morning's stroll around - and we almost missed the rain on the way back. Just got ourselves soaked in the last 200 yards, dammit.
Tomorrow we head toward Sheffield with our passage booked through some 15 locks to get there. Unfortunately all the radio talks about this evening is the forecast for even more rain.


007 said...

Sounds like you are researching a new book 'The rough guide to places not to visit' it could come complete with free guide to 'Canal side Lidl stores'

Anonymous said...

As one who remembers many town/village/city centre all of which had individal charecter, it is indeed sad to see them decline and in many cases vanish. We perhaps should move on and accept that shopping is done elsewhere than the so called high street. But what of all the great buildings, the architecture just left to decline at best, crumble at worst. I used to work the High Streets (in my retail supply days)and each High Street had life and charecter all of its very own.Then the multiples moved in and all started to look the same. I don't think there is an an initiative that will ever reverse the situation.