Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Brian's blog

I thought this was our summer cruise?
I've sat through the last three weeks pretty patiently - even though I've usually either been locked in the boat "on guard duty" while they go off shopping or sightseeing or else I've been stuck on the roof while we're going through locks. But now it's my turn to have a few words.
To be honest, I've been on better trips. It's been wet and windy most of the time so that means I'm stuck inside listening to that damned noisy engine or huddled up in my bed on the roof. And when it's sunny, well they strip off to tee shirts and shorts but what about me, stuck in my fur coat.
Worse still, I've been strapped into some sort of bright orange overcoat for half the trip. It even has a handle on the back which they use to pick me up and carry me about. What a plonker I must look! They say it's for my own safety because we're on a river. Fair enough, but they get smart, comfortable, self-inflating ones not a wrap-around mattress.
The sort of boating I enjoy is when I can walk between the locks and do a decent amount of sniffing and leg lifting (if you know what I mean). On these rivers there aren't enough locks and not enough places to walk either. I mean to say, we've just been in Sheffield for four days - what use is a city centre to a dog? Apart from all the pretty girls who always like to fuss me, that is. Woof, woof! Give me the countryside any time.
Trouble will be brewing later!
I did go on strike briefly and refused to eat my breakfast - that sort of behaviour does get them worried. But it backfired this time: she bought me a very nice rib bone. I was rather greedy, though, and I ate the lot. Result: three days of very unpleasant tummy troubles. I don't think he was best pleased at having to get up three times in the night to let me out! All's well now and they're even giving me milk on my morning dog food. Result!
We did have a nice day yesterday: I was walked around the city centre in the sunshine and even got to lick out the remains of their McFlurry tubs. (The things these humans eat!)
I quite liked the bus trip we went on the other day as well - though the first bus lurched and swayed all over the place. The driver seemed to be going just as fast as he takes us in our own car. Another sunny day - until it poured with rain and I got soaked while they put on rain coats.
Front seat view of Lincoln
A burger would have been better but a McFlurry's ok
Apparently we're off now to another canal: let's hope it is a bit more dog friendly than some of these. I'll let you know.


Nancy and Max said...

McFlurry, shame on you Mr and Mrs Star!

Adam said...

At least he seems to have forgotten the outrageous 50p charge for going on the bus...

Starman said...

That's because he didn't take his pocket money and we had to pay!

Captain Ahab said...

Its a dogs life....

Anonymous said...

Brians Revenge.....up only three times in the night! Come on Brian you could do better than that like being sick just as they are about to start eating. Then having just been out for a last walkies before bed, just as Starman has his jimjams on demand to go again.

But lucky you, able to watch all those girls legs in Sheffield and getting a pat on the head for your troubles....I would probably be arrested.

Starman said...

What I didn't add, David, was that he was also sick on our bed (on Starwoman's side fortunately for me!).