Saturday, 16 June 2012

On the buses

No granny pass for Brian: he cost 50p!
Yesterday was a bus day. The weatherman had promised a rubbish day so we got our granny passes out and set off for Louth, 25 miles north east of Lincoln where the flatlands of the Fens have given way to the rolling landscape of the Wolds. It was voted one of the ten nicest country towns to live in by the Daily Torygraph so we though we'd take a look.
And a delightful little place it is too. The centre is quite unspoiled, with rows of old brick built terraces, lots of local shops, a small market going on, street names that echoed its medieval roots - Eastgate, Kidgate, Ramsgate, Mercer Row and the like. And there's even a little river – the Lud.

 The weather was on side too. At least for most of the day. It started out like this:
But ended up like this – a giant storm of thunder and hail.
Fortunately the rain had stopped again by the time the No10 Stagecoach had dropped us back in Lincoln for a walk back to the boat.

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Nancy and Max said...

I'm going to show Martha 'Brian on the bus' plus i'm liking starwomans nautical stripy styling. did he like the bus?