Sunday, 3 June 2012

Littered with litter

Nottingham manufactures cigarettes. And most of them seem to be lying on the towpath. Along with coke cans, sandwich wrappers, coffee cartons and all the rest of the leftovers of modern living.
This is a city with lots of litter. And no litter bins. Last night we walked the length of the waterfront, which is ankle deep in fag butts in places and boasts not a single bin; nor any attempt it seems to clear the accumulated mess around every bench.
It’s such a shame because clearly a lot of money has gone into rejuvenating the waterfront area with flats and bars in an attempt to make it a mini-Birmingham.
Even the waterside Sainsbury’s is a bloody mess: the footpath from the store to the canalside is surrounded by what once were planted grounds but are now overgrown with weeds and mess.
I recall that Nottingham’s roads are festooned with speed cameras. A pity that some of the money spent on them (or made from them) doesn’t go into the simple activity of cleaning the place up.
Ah, I’ve just realised what might be the reason. Does the waterfront belong to British Waterways? Is Nottingham happy to take the money from the supermarkets and bars but let someone else foot the bill for tidying up?

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