Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Stalag 49

Torksey was once a significant Roman port, then a medieval town, then a sleepy hamlet and now it's home to Stalag 49, an open prison for the over 50s.
That's what we christened the close packed ranks of matt-brown painted 'static homes' across the canal. Hemmed in by a high flood bank on one side and high hedges on the rest, the world out of every window must be monchrome brown - save for those fortunate enough to have a distant aspect of the power station cooling towers.
Torksey's new role in life appears to be as a centre for such static home parks with at least two others nearby; the biggest being operated by Tingdene, who as you probably know operate various marinas as well as a lot more of these parks. This one is at least kinder to the eye than the hemmed in ranks of brown opposite us.
Is this the future for us 'aged-p's in the tories' nhs-free future? Park homes in some rural area where land is cheap with a fishing lake adjacent to while away the hours and a local pub where we can discuss our aches and pains.
God spare me! Or rather don't.

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Anonymous said...

Spot doubt part of the master plan. Arrange for the odd flood to sweep through the encampment and get rid of a large batch of none profit pensioners in one go. Cynical we may be but then again who knows.