Sunday, 3 July 2011

On the history train

I like a good steam railway and Llangollen has a good steam railway so we just had to go on it today. It's a stunning little line, running eight picturesque miles along beside the River Dee to the present terminus at the little riverside village of Carrog.
It's another of those Beeching sacrifices. Back in the 1960s maybe it seemed sensible to shut it but today you can see what a terrific tourist trail a proper Dee valley line would have become.
We were pulled by what I'd call a proper loco, not one of those little tank engine but a big ex GWR 4-6-0 locomotive and we lolled in the comfort of a compartment whose soft, springy seats are so much nicer than the firm, cramped Inter-City ones of today.Vicky thinks wistfully about the Sunday lunch she missed at Carrog

The only mistake we made was at Carrog where we stopped for a rather forgettable snack at the station buffet, only to walk down the road into the pretty little village and discover a big, bustling pub serving a huge range of tempting food. Damn!

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davidoakesimages said...

You have probably found it already but just in case not...the best butcher for Welsh Lamb in the resort is easily found by walking towards the bridge from the traffic lights. Just were the shops on the left are set back they are there. Forgot the name but Davies is likely. When we travelled that a lot we used to arrange to pick up a half lamb for the freezer...yum it was great. Enjoy your cruise and hope this great weather lasts.