Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A night to remember

Our to-ing and fro-ing on the Llangollen did give us a chance to track down Beth Llewellin, wife of late and much lamented motoring journalist genius, Phil.
They, as we knew, lived in Welsh Frankton, just up the hill from the Frankton locks. But with no internet and no address how would we find her in the sprawling hamlet?
Fortunately Vicky had a clue - she remembered (god knows how) from a drunken press party evening that Phil had told her they'd just installed a cattle grid across the driveway to stop sheep wandering in.
So this pair of sheep wandered the lanes until, on the point of giving up, we spotted a house with a cattle grid and a Mini Cooper in the drive beyond it.
The woman who opened the door was momentarily bemused by the two tramp like creatures and their small dog who stood there but then eagerly invited us in and while we drank and exchanged motoring anecdotes, Brian lay contentedly on the fitted carpet recalling the luxury of life in a proper home.
The following night we went back again for a super meal (thanks Beth) and listened to her tell of some of the fabulous cars, ridiculous drives in every corner of the world and fascinating people she and Phil had met. Nearly a thousand people attended his funeral in Oswestry, such was the appreciation of this talented and gregarious writer.
If you don't know his work then I'd urge you to read his book 'The Road to Muckle Flugga' .
Wherever you are, cheers Phil!!

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