Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Back on air

Apologies to regular readers - I hope there are some of you - we've been off-line for a few days for a variety of reasons.
First of all the inverter went bang. Literally. A loud bang and a big flash and it inverted no more. That was when we were nearing the top of the Monty and meant no laptop use to conserve what little computer battery there was for emergency emailing.
Blackwater Marina in Ellesmere didn't have an inverter but Maestermyn back down the Llangollen direction did have a suitable one. It was the wrong way but not too far. However stocks of Fruit & Fibre, beer and bread - three manly diet staples - were out so we had to go to Ellesmere Tesco first, then back again to Maestermyn.
The inverter fitted and power restored we then cruised into a broadband black hole, and have only now left it down on the mile-long Prees Branch of the Llangollen. This is one of those dead end branches which you just have to go down anyway, because it's there. It does have a marina at the end though and the marina has an excellent launderette - strictly for moorers unless someone has left the door unlocked. Which they had.


007 said...

Glad you are back on line. How did Vicky cope in Tesco's? Did she suffer badly from Lidl withdrawal. You can let Vicky know that Lucy went to Lidl yesterday and managed to spend £40! Ellen says helllllloooooooo.

Starman said...

Spend £40? In Lidl? She must have bought the shop!!
No Lidls up here sadly - Vicky very distresed by the high price of beetroots in Tesco. Apparently in Lovely Lidl they're cheaper and you get an extra beetroot too.