Saturday, 2 July 2011

Bringing and buying

Llangollen was heaving with visitors this morning, and a curious mixture they were too of serious hill walkers, ice-cream eating day trippers and skinny, flip-flop clad youths who'd look more in Newquay. The shops are the same: you can buy everything from tea towels and candy floss tourist tat to 'natural foods' to boots and rucksacks.
Vicky was disappointed though: there's no Llidl in Llangollen!
We dumped off a bookshelf load of previously enjoyed paperbacks at a local charity shop and re-stocked with a couple more. Then I re-stocked my innards with a substantial Welsh lamb oggie (lamb mince, leek and potato in flaky pastry) courtesy of James Bailey, purveyors of the finest heavy duty cholesterol. Their large jam doughnuts are the size of footballs! But after putting away my oggie I had to admit defeat and save my vanilla and cream slice in the fridge for another time.
That time will probably be this afternoon when we return from a six mile walk to Horseshoe Falls, source of the canal, and up to the ruins of Dinas Bran castle high on a 1000ft hill overlooking the town.

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