Sunday, 16 August 2009

Where next?

We're at something of a crossroads – literally as well as figuratively. Soon we'll be at the end of the Macclesfield. Now we want to cross the Pennines. But do we go via the Huddersfield Narrow Canal or the Rochdale? Both involve planning ahead and booking so it's time to choose.

The Huddersfield Narrow is said to be prettier and it includes the Standedge Tunnel (longest, deepest etc etc). But is that a plus or a minus? I'm not sure I fancy over two hours underground in a narrow tunnel. And it's tight enough to maybe damage your boat in places.
On the other hand, boaters we've met on this trip who've used the Rochdale say the Manchester end is "revolting" – full of rubbish. There's no tunnel though!

So time to toss a coin perhaps!

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