Thursday, 27 August 2009

The best pub yet - really

Congratulatory phonecall interrupts meat pie consumption

Vicky and new best friend Max!
After a tough day underground (and not forgetting eight hard locks that morning to get up to it) a pint or two and some sort of hefty meal with chips was definitely called for.
And that's what we got at our new "best pub on the trip" the Tunnel End Inn just up the hill from the Marsden side of the tunnel. It was even "Pie Night"! And on top of that, the guest beers were just £2 a pint.
It was also like a village local used to be -- simple, friendly, no frills but good beer, welcoming landlord and landlady, chatty locals (rather than the sort who all shut up as soon as you walk in) an endearing old dog called Max, and a great meat and potato pie meal with chips and mushy peas. I only wish we lived closer; it would soon be our local. Heartily recommended.
They don't do meals every night but if you phone up and say you're a boater then they'll try to sort you out. Can't ask more than that.

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