Monday, 24 August 2009

Time for another rant

The re-opening of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal was one of the canal regeneration movement's greatest triumphs and at Stalybridge on the edge of Manchester it forms the centrepiece for the regeneration of the local area too.
Or, as Nicholson's Guide puts it: "Enthusiasm for the navigation is universal.....a vibrant waterway...colourful with boats....reminiscent of a Dutch town."
Yeah right! Now the waterway is vibrant with litter and colourful with graffiti. And we were the only boat!
What is it about this country that we can let a place deteriorate like this. The citizens of Stalybridge were gifted a marvellous waterside at a cost of millions and this is what they've done to it.
A minority of them, I know, but that's enough. And it's tolerated - why isn't the litter collected; why aren't the canal bridge arches painted with anti-vandal paint; where are the litter bins? (Dukinfield Junction at the start of the canal is ankle deep in litter - it's clearly never cleaned up and there's not a bin in sight. That just encourages more mindless litter throwing.)
Reminiscent of a Dutch town? You must be joking!

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