Sunday, 2 August 2009

Starwoman v Morrisons: guess who won?

Don't know about you but if the cut-price packet of mange tout I'd bought for 69p was accidentally rung through at the full £1, I'd be too embarrassed/too lazy to go back and argue.
Not our Vicky who checks her receipts like Sherlock Holmes. Back to the checkout, from which she was forwarded to Customer Services who duly checked and refunded the excess thirty one pee!
The highlight of our stop at Rugeley – which kind of puts the rest of the town in perspective.


martha, max and me said...

Rock on Star woman, make sure you treat yourself to something extravagent with that 31p you have saved,,,evil corporate morrisons!!!!

Starman said...

Hey I didn't realise you had a blog too! We'll start reading it.

Derek and Dot said...

At last a woman after my own heart, we have to stick up for ourselves no one else will.
Dot Nb Gypsy Rover