Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I hate engine runners

Bored by the Edgbaston test as it drifted towards a draw, we untied at Tixall and headed on up the T&M. After the picture postcard delights of Great Haywood the first couple of miles are a scrappy vista of railway line and messy canalside moorings but then the canal opened out into an almost river-like stretch – wide and deep so Star could push along smoothly at little more than tickover.
With the evening clouds closing in we moored at the little village of Weston in a handy slot between two boats. Who immediately started running their engines!
I hate engine runners. If people cruise and keep their batteries charged why so they need to sit at the canalside spoiling everyone's evening with the drum of a running engine? Perhaps so they can work their microwave or other item of domestic crap they've decided is an essential part of boating?
And don't get me on generators!


tony said...

here we go yet another moaning old trout how long you been on the cut if you dont like people thaat have lived on the cut for years why not get in your fast car and keep on driving

Nick said...

I find rags and glue stuffed up the exhaust pipe keeps them quiet for a few days.