Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The best pub yet

As we lay in bed, sated by huge dinners and soothed by pints of beer we voted The Navigation at Bugsworth Basin the best pub yet on our trip. By a country mile.
It's a friendly, welcoming place; big yet still cosy, full of canal memorabilia yet not 'themed'. A good selection of brown beer – and served properly warm, too (pauses for rant: why do so many pubs that sell 'real ale' then freeze it like bloody lager? The northern penchant for foamy tops I'll accept as a regional difference but not an ice cold pint!).
And then the food – lamb and mint pudding! Y'can't beat a good suet pudding and this was certainly good. Mine came with chips (of course) while Starwoman opted for the sensible new potatoes. And wished she hadn't when she saw my succulent, widebeam sized chips. Even the veg was good instead of the usual over-done limp excuse you get.
Not a 'gastro-pub' (thank god) but a proper boozer selling good, sturdy pub grub. Can't beat it!

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