Saturday, 23 April 2011

We went for a cup of tea and came away members

Enjoying a coffee - in a proper cup and saucer at Whittington Wharf

V and me are now paid up members of the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust. We'd spotted there was a bric a brac and coffee morning sale in aid of the society in a canalside house just down the road in Whittington. So we pottered along on the off chance of finding a few paperbacks and maybe a pretty plate or some such.
Three hours later we departed with a sack load of books, a pack of raffle tickets, replete with tea and shortbread, up to speed on the canal restoration - and signed up as members.
And all because they were such a friendly bunch of people - happy to chat and explain what the L&H is up to and at the same time very professional in their approach to the whole restoration business. Everything from coffee mornings like this one to funding multi-thousand pound projects like the M6 Toll aqueduct.
When they're finished - as they certainly will be one day - the Lichfield and Hatherton canals will transform boating around the Birmingham area. All power to the Society.

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