Monday, 18 April 2011

A day out on the water

Hang around Streethay too long and you'll find yourself roped into helping out on odd jobs. But this must have been one of the oddest.
Last week Pete and me pointed the Discovery truck south and headed for Enfield. The back of the Disco was weighed down with four huge lorry wheels, 30 odd sacks of shingle ballast and a couple of hundred feet of chain.
Still guessing what we were up to? I'm sure you are. We were off to Enfield Island Village, a housing and commercial development built on the site of the Royal Small Arms Factory, where the famous Enfield rifle was produced.
Centrepiece of the redeveloped site is an ornamental basin in the middle of which sits a restored butty resplendent in RSA cloths and colours, recollecting the importance of the waterways in shipping arms and munitions from the factory and down the River Lea.
The problem that we were out to solve was that the butty kept slipping its anchors in high winds. Our lorry wheels, weighed down with those ballast bags and anchored by chains were the solution.
We spent the day - which fortunately was warm and sunny - wading around the basin. And, yes, I did fall in.

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