Monday, 18 April 2011

Something is happening, honest

Apologies for the lack of progress reports on the Harry refit. Stuff is happening though it's painfully slow.
The big news is that we have a bath. It may still be covered in its protective cardboard but it's in place and plumbed up. Well almost plumbed up.
The calorifier has been squeezed into the engine room which has saved space elsewhere but has meant that every connection has had to exit through a steel bulkhead. Which means drilling a 3/4 inch hole through three inches of wood and steel. Slowly!
We hummed and hawed for ages about the bath. Bath? Shower? Shower? Bath? We couldn't decide. We opted for the bath (which will have a shower over it of course) because it was easier to fit. But when we bought the bath, we put it place and thought it looked awful. We went straight off and advertised it for sale on Ebay!
It was a low, low point. We seemed to have spent weeks debating the bathroom and still got it wrong. Fortunately Streethay's boss, Ray, came to the rescue with some words of encouragement and the advice to throw away the feet the bath came with and mount it much lower. It was transformed and so were we. The Ebay auction was cancelled. Work resumed.
We're up and running again. Well, not quite running. More plodding steadily along.
Once the bath is in, the bulkheads can go in and, at last, I'll be able to show you a different photo of the interior.

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