Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spot the difference

Yes, at long last that photo from the front of the boat looks different. The bulkheads are in. The bathroom is finally about to be separated off from the rest of the boat.
Even thought they are only temporarily pinned in place it feels like a huge step forward - finally the interior is starting to take shape.
Building bulkheads is harder than it might seem. Nothing's square, level or straight in a boat you see. The trick is to find the centre of the floor and the centre of the ceiling, drop a 'vertical' stick between them and take your measurements from. Which I did, and all seemed fine - except I'd failed to appreciate that the floor wasn't level either so the bulkhead didn't line up against the cabinside. Much fiddling with block plane and sandpaper later and we finally had a proper fit.
At least I then had a template for the opposite bulkhead. More or less. The two sides of a boat are never quite the same but some slight alterations and more planing finally gave me two bulkheads with an equal space between them from top to bottom in which to hang the door. One day!

1 comment:

nb.bobcat said...

I am probably teaching you to suck eggs but my bulkheads are all over the place because I didn't know this trick.

The one vertical line you have on a boat that you can rely on (apparently) are the back and front doors. If you line your internal doorways up to be visually in line with them looking down the boat you are halfway there.

Can't help you with the backwards and forwards tilt!