Thursday, 21 April 2011

Three locks = one pie and chips

You've heard of lock miles, well say hello to pie miles.
We delivered a boat from Streethay back round the canal corner to Kings Bromley Marina. That's five miles and the three Fradley locks away - or eight lock miles. Took us two and a half hours.
In a fit of madness we decided to do this in the early evening and WALK BACK! But with a pit stop half way at The Swan at Fradley junction where we aimed to down a pint and a pie and chips (or in Vicky's case since she's a tad more health conscious, a lamb shank and new potatoes).
We left Church Bromley at 7.0o p.m., reached The Swan at 7.40 p.m., enjoyed our pints and food and left at 8.30 just as the sun was setting. A brisk walk - well as brisk as you can be carrying a load of pie and chips - and we were backat Streethay at 9.30 p.m.
So two and a half hours there and two and a half back. Therefore pie and chips and a pint = three locks. Or three pie miles.


Anonymous said...

I do hope Brian had a slice of the pie!

Starman said...

No, Brian just got a couple of scraps poor old thing.
Next time we'll order a children's meal for him!
But that did give me the idea that pubs should have a menu for dogs...